PWC (Jetski) Cradles

  • We can install a treated wood walkway between the PWC's

  • We make PWC cradles that will hold 4 jetski's

  • Just let us know what you want.

This JetSki Cradle has one high and one low so it is easy to get one off at a time.

9'  X 12' fits 2 - 3 seaters

$1795.00 + install*

PWC cradles section.jpg
PWC cradles section 2.jpg

This one is a basic model 9'  X 10' fits 2 - 3 seaters

$1,595.00 + install*

* most PWC Platform installs are $350

* includes clamps pvc guides on cables

* doesn't include overhead work or lift

This complete system for Jet Skis uses 2 independent lifts, This will fit inside a slip that is 10' wide

$4,795.00 installed

PWC cradles section 3.jpg